Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Audi A5 - The Best Combination of Style and Dynamism


Audi is a German based company. It is one of the leading car manufacturers that has been constantly ruling the way through its continuous innovations and techniques. It is also very famous in terms of setting new standards from time to time. It has its production units in five big countries such as China, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Germany itself. The Audi car manufacturer is also popular for making very sophisticated, unique and dynamic cars in the world.

This German based car company invents new Audi car models very frequently. There are many Audi cars' models like Audi A3, Audi A4, etc. The different models have different features and uniqueness and they are pertaining to different years.

Audi A5

Our topic to be dealt with is the Audi model. The A5 is also one of the famous and leading models in the car industry. This is one of the most celebrated and preferred Audi Model. This model of Audi that is Audi A5 has been introduced in the 77th annual Geneva Motor show in June, the year 2007. The company also offered to take some booking for the first hand customers after the motor show. This model is one of the most luxurious models nowadays.

The head of Volkswagen group himself commented that ''Audi is the most beautiful car I have ever designed''. This model successfully combines all the characteristic features of the Audi model and fulfills the promises made by the company. It also has accomplished the acclaimed Audi design language along with the driving performance. It has been made successfully by showing the brand quality and sophistication. This slicker and quicker new model have covered beauty, elegance, sophistication and sporty features for the next generation people.

The slicker and quicker model have the muscular FSI and TDI engine that is completely a new precision gear. It is called slicker and quicker new Audi A5 car because its appearance has been highlighted by the luxury coupe's styling. The Audi A5 has combined the features that contribute to best dynamism and style. The Luxury Audi A5 also gets automatic air-condition at three different temperature zones. It has the parking system enabled with a rear view camera. The car also has the tilting roof for open space driving feel.