Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The New Audi - Internationally Renowned Vehicles

Beginning in Germany, the Audi name has been around for over 100 years but since 1970 Audi Dealers in the USA have been making a name for themselves as well. Quality customer service coupled with a quality vehicle makes for a explosive combination. Imagine driving off the lot in style knowing that you can return for maintenance and parts at the same location. The wait time is almost cut in half allowing your Audi more on the road time. This makes for a satisfied customer.

If you live in the United Kingdom consider yourself fortunate for the choices of Audi cars available. The Audi Dealers in the UK will also have the A8 Hybrid soon. This car can go a full mile on one charge. If that isn't long enough, the lithium-ion battery is recharged while applying pressure to the brakes. It also converts between automatic and clutch. Even though Americans are green conscious, they won't have the opportunity to experience the A8, as a hybrid in the United States is not a financial champion. However, the American customer that is environmentally conscious won't feel slighted either with Audi's guarantee of clean diesel fuel.

Just like any other dealer, Audi Dealers are in the business to make money. But what makes Audi different is they know the only way to do that is to make the customer's choice of car available. That is why you may find new and pre-owned vehicles on the lot. This creates a wider customer base for the dealer. Although the Audi customer is amongst the elite, all may not have an elite budget. Now with a pre-owned option, these customers get to stay in the elite ranks comfortably.