Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Audi Car Lease

Leasing is just about the new "trend" of the car market and Audi does it much better than most of the others. By leasing an automobile you sign an agreement using the dealership in which you will be "renting" the car for any previously established time period. There's a payment established at the beginning that represents not the vehicle price (that makes it a lot better than an auto loan), but the car depreciation on the established period of time that you utilize it. Think about this: you lease a car for 3 years and instead of paying $30,000 which represents the car's total value, you have to pay $8000 (split into Three years equal pay) which represents the car's depreciation.

Now that you understood the process let's go out to leasing companies for Audi, located at and let's "test" some Audi models for a couple of.....years.

The 2011 Audi car leasing deals are the best offered yet, turning the shoppers for Audi A3 and A4 models into passionate drivers.

The Audi A3 model is available in 3 different trims. The little and powerful Audi A3 is now improved, having a less polluting engine and technologically controlled fuel consumption. This Audi A3 with 1,6 liter engine can be yours, Technik pack included for only £204 monthly. Another trend may be the Audi A3 Cabriolet. Bringing luxury to the next level, the Cabriolet includes increased safety, space and innovation, which makes it the best choice in it's class. Also it can come for £224 monthly. And lastly the Sportback, packing an 1.6 liter TDI engine, delivers huge power and keeps the ride smooth and comfy in the same time. It's the perfect combination of luxury and technology, at the amazing cost of £227.

The A4 comes with even more trims. Beginning with the AudiA4 2.0 TDI SE. This version includes improved engine consumption along with a "greener" degree of emissions, that protects your health and your pocket in the same time. The price: with a rating of £288 monthly. Next, may be the Audi A4 2.0 TDI S Line. Directed specifically for fuel efficiency, this line has implemented the most recent generation engines, designed for the only reason to obtain good power at a lower price and less fuel. It features a price tag of £311 a month.

A4 2.0 TDI Technik may be the car for you personally if you're looking for even more luxury. Packed with DVD satellite nav, Music Interface from Audi, and Milan Leather, this is actually the car that you will feel most comfortable with. Simply £338 is needed. If you're looking for an exciting purpose car than the A4 Avant 2.0 TDI may be the perfect car for you. By having not just technologically advanced engines but also a wide storage capacity, it's an ideal car for the daily, weekly and weekend requirements. You won't pay more than £301 a month.

Not just you get an incredible lease offer for every car, but Audi offers support aiding you in just about any car related need. Dedicated point of contacting, effectuating service on site, MOT servicing, collection and delivery, steps for success turnaround, pre-service alert even through waiting services are a small part of the services offered by Audi, making it well suited for any customer interested in leasing a car from them. Who wouldn't wish to drive around inside a luxury car like this and leave to them the "heavy lifting" maintenance stuff of the car, just to be able to have it as new when getting it back from the showroom.