Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Audi Cars - Used, Abused & Still Worth Every Penny

When you think used cars... do you think Audi? You should!

Trawling through newspapers and the internet can be so frustrating - it's one of the disadvantages to buying second-hand. Instead of visiting one show room and browsing the shiny brand new cars on offer, you find yourself on hours of test-drives in various makes and models, with endless discussions with owners - not to mention notoriously dodgy used car dealers! Do you ever get the impression that all they care about is our money?!

I found my dream car when I discovered a used Audi. I've since discovered that Audi cars are much sought after in the used car market. Why? Well, there are many reasons. First is the way they expertly handle the road in all sorts of weather conditions. Then there's the comfortable, high quality interior. If you test drive a used Audi you will understand what I mean.

Time tested Audis are some of the very best cars on the road. One of the best parts of owning an audi is that they hold their value as well as any other car in their class.

Used Audi cars aren't bad to look at either. You find yourself in awe of their sleek shape before you even get behind the wheel - then you discover the pleasant driving space that surrounds you. Finally, you take it out on the road and that's when you can feel the power under the bonnet as the engine glides noiselessly through the gears. You can feel the responsiveness and how they hold the road as if travelling on rails. That's not to mention the practicality of used Audis - they're ideal for long distance driving as well as for everyday use for you and your family.

Not only does an used Audi car look and feel amazing, but you can also rest assured that you're driving a thoroughly reliable car with great money saving features. The fuel consumption of an Audi is considerably less than other makes, and some models within the Audi range are even quite low on tax - meaning the potential for saving a bit of cash is quite good! You can also do your bit to stay 'green' as Audis have a lower carbon emission output than other makes.

On the whole this car is one of the best purchases I have ever made. My advice to anyone looking to buy a used car is that they should opt for an Audi. They are so well built, you will be very unlikely to end up with a problem when buying a used Audi car second-hand. Instead you can invest your energy in making sure you pick the perfect model!