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Audi A4 and Audi A6 Features

Audi is the famous and popular car brand in the Indian auto market and has covered the limited market of India means target the rich Indian consumers. Every Indian feels proud to have the car of this brand. Audi cars in India are considered as a symbol of status, class and luxury. The most selling Audi cars in India are Audi A4, Audi A6, Audi A8, and Audi Q7 sedan cars. These all cars are associated with the comfort and convenience features. Audi is expanding its dealership network in India. The demand of these cars is mainly in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore etc.

Let's have a look on two Audi cars such as Audi A4 and Audi A6. Audi A4 was launched in the year of 2008 in India. The car has gained the enough popularity by its powerful engine as well as its good mileage. Audi A4 is associated with the fantastic interiors and strong performance. The stunning looking car covers the price range between rupees 32 lakh to 34 lakh.

Audi A4 cars are available in two variants such as A4 1.8T (Petrol) and A4 2.0 TDI (Diesel). The features includes in Audi A4 car are high performance engine, acceleration and torque. Both are the luxurious cars by Audi. The luxurious and roomy interiors of Audi A4 are sophisticated such as trendy instrument panel the small LCD located between tachometer and speedometer displays Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Antilock Braking System (ABS) etc. These all features will give you the safe and comfort ride.

Audi A6 car is the great combination of performance, power, comfort and style. The car is suitable for the five passengers. Audi A6 car is embedded with all latest features with inside and outside. The price range of this car is comes under the bracket of rupees 52 to rupees 53 lakh. It is available in two variants such as A6 3.0 TDI (Diesel) and A6 3.0 FSI (Petrol).

Features accompanied with this luxurious car are Multi Media Interface, DSP sound system, ample boot space, highly comfortable seats, the dual-stage airbags Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and lots.

Audi cars will give you the feeling of 'ride with pride'. To check out more Audi cars you can logon to numerous of websites and can easily gather all the information in details regarding your interested car and some good and reliable sites will also provides some special discounts and offers.

Audi A6 Review

As far as German automotive luxury goes, you can't really get much better than an Audi. Their A6 model is the bigger brother of the A4 and manages to knock everything that is great about its little brother up to an even higher notch. Cool, classy business motoring is the call of the day with the A6 - with the line-up sporting 3 variations. As is common with Audi, each variation fills the place in its intended market perfectly. The typical A6 will appeal to businessmen and those wanting the looks and desirability of a saloon car, while the Avant and Allroad Quattro will appeal to those wanting that same style but with the space of an estate or that off-road feel.

The model of focus today is the new A6 saloon, which has recently been given a 2012 facelift and is due for release in April this year. Aesthetically it has undergone quite a change, with a completely new front end paying very close resemblance to that of their supercar the Audi R8. Having officially taken ideas from the A8 model, the headlights are now angled and curve around the edge of the body to give it that mean, aggressive stare, and the grill has been redesigned to be sharper and more edgy. The bodywork has also undergone considerable change from last year's model; with a far sleeker design. What results in the redesign is a car that carries a business like class with it, while also still harbouring a mean sporty glance. It works surprisingly well and the A6 manages to maintain its class despite its edge.

Available in two iterations - the SE and the S Line, the new A6 will be sporting 4 engine sizes when it ships, ranging from 2.0l right up to 3.0l and a choice of either Diesel or Petrol. The less expensive option is of course the SE, but don't for a second think that compromises quality. Interior is typical Audi class with a blend of fine woods and Milano leather intended to give that premium business feel. An excellent Bang and Olufsen audio system accompanies the interior comforts, with a total of 15 speakers and many of the technology used taken from their renowned BeoLab 5 home speaker range. An incredibly powerful 1200 watt amplifier drives the system, while the CD player incorporates SD card slots to enable playback of portable storage and mp3 files. Moving to the exterior of the car we get Alloy wheels as standard with both models and a handy electromagnetic parking assistant sensor, so keeping your priceless Au di A6 away from those dreaded curbs has never been easier.

New Audi - The New Audi Q7

Choosing a new vehicle can be a complex and time consuming process. Most major brands of vehicles can be relied on to give consumers the safety and features that they are looking for, but some of those major brands stand out above the rest. Audi is one of those brands. Audi has a reputation for producing solid vehicles that are going to provide the safety, versatility, power and style that any consumer is looking for. The New Audi Q7 is a prime example of finding a vehicle that truly is the total package.

The power of the New Audi Q7 comes from the six liter engine that has Quattro all wheel drive. This all wheel drive system is something that comes in handy if the driving conditions get bad. The new version of the Q7 also has maximized the fuel economy even with an all wheel drive system in place. Combined with the high performance steering and braking system, the Q7 is one of the most powerful and best handling vehicles on the road.

The New Audi Q7 also offers many safety features. Safety starts with the high quality uni-body construction and the anti theft system that comes factory installed. There is also a side impact protection system in place and rear side airbags to protect all passengers in the vehicle. The front airbags and the crash sensor features just add to an already safe ride. The Xenon plus headlights and the daytime running lights are exterior safety features that contribute to the safety of the driver and passengers.

Finally, the Q7 has been redesigned to offer a sleek, modern design that appeals to all owners. The interior of the New Audi Q7 also features some new technology upgrades that will make navigating the busy streets even easier. A full seven inch color display is linked to the MMI navigation system in the vehicle. This system can provide real time traffic updates with audible directions. It can also use the hard drive to store frequently used routes. The rear view camera and the parking sensors also make fitting the Q7 into tight spaces more safe and much easier for the driver.

Slicker and Quicker - The New Audi A4

It would appear if you asked most Motor journalists at the moment that new models from Audi would appear to be arriving by the bucket load.

The entire industry is rife with rumours left right and centre about the features or non-features the brand-new Q5 has which of course Audi are keeping under a real tight cover.

So what is the motor journalist to do when asked by his editor to go out and find out as much information about the new Audi A4 is possible?

Not the easiest of tasks but here goes.

What are we to expect with the new A4? Well to be honest we are not actually going to have to wait that long before the new A4 appears in "the metal" so to speak at this years Frankfurt motor show in Germany in September.

Trying to put together information gleaned from various different source is it would appear that being you a full is clearly a four door saloon with what looks like conventional handles. At the front-end of the car it is probably likely to display the latest sort of styling the company has become famous with i.e. a four sided grille with the company logo on the front.

At the rear end of the car, the lamp clusters it is reckoned could well resemble a carbon copy of the current A5 coupes rear.

The thing about the launch of the new A4 is that though it is quite common practice amongst car manufacturers to keep information under wraps as much as possible, it is probably quite rare to keep this control of information is tight as it currently is.

The rationale behind this according to an Audi spokesman was that the company was most keen not to detract from the popularity of the A4 and therefore adversely affect sales of one of their flagship models. Considering the fact that the new model is scheduled to go on sale in mid to late 2008 then you can understand the company's reluctance to positively do anything that would damage existing sales.

With regards to the engines for the new series is probable that in the first stages the engine range from the current A4 will be carried over so that means that the popular 2L TDI Diesel variants will be unaffected. These are expected to be joined by naturally aspirated and turbocharged 2L petrol variants.

At the top end of the scale it is expected that the company will introduce a series of high performance variants such as the S4 and the even faster RS4. At the moment none of the test staff or design people in Audi are prepared to comment.

Lastly it is expected that the new A4 will be offered in both saloon and Avant estate versions initially and it is hoped that a new version of the soft top will be released the year later. The company have yet to make a decision whether the new Cabriolet will retain the fabric top or whether the company will return to folding metal hard tops following the path of BMW.

It is expected that this is unlikely to happen as the Company are on record as saying that this is a road that they do not wish to go down again.

Audi Top Models - Functions and Their Qualities

Audi Top Models and their Qualities

Audi has in history been one of the oldest German manufacturer of automobiles and lastly became known as "Audi AG" thank to the mixture of four poles apart and self-governing automobile manufacturers which came jointly in 1932; Wanderer, Horch, DKW and Audi. The symbol, envoy of the Audi for trade brand, are the four rings, symbolizing the four manufacturers that came jointly to form the Audi corporation, and this year Audi celebrates the centennial of its age group of luxury automobiles, that are at the similar time innovative and powerful performers.

The Q7:
With its ergonomic center plan and external sloped roof is elegant looking with a follow closely shape that is quite characteristic and includes the Audi for sale "xenon plus" headlines. Leather seats and a panoramic sunroof make this model a work of art of luxury. Enjoy a relaxed travel in the Q7 with possible activity and sound from beat & Olufsen, six airbags and a suitable "fastener" System. Cruise control and leading-edge innovative skill will make your driving experience out of the normal, for sure! Moreover, this automobile has conventional a five-star score from the nationwide Highway Traffic Safety management, counting a "Top Safety Pick" assessment feature from the "Insurance organization of Highway Safety."

Compact Model:
Small A3 is Audi's only solid model. Preliminary at about $27,000, it is also the mainly reasonably priced and fuel-efficient car in their array. It features all-season tires, Halogen headlights, skin seats, Audi best sound system with SiriusXM, dual-zone type of weather manage, 24 mpg combined 200hp, and 207 lb-ft of torque. The A4 is an enormous little car for citizens on the go, commuters, and business people and people involved in just receiving their feet damp with Audi vehicles.

Direct-Shift Gearbox:
At the twist of the century, Volkswagen introduced the Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG), a kind of double clutch broadcast. It is an automatic semi-automatic broadcast, passable like a conventional automatic. Based on the gearbox establish in the Group B S1, the system includes double electro hydraulically forbidden control in its place of a torque converter. This is implemented in some VW Golfs, Audi A3 and TT models anywhere DSG is called S-tronic.

Petroleum Stratified introduction:
New models of the A3, A4, A6 and A8 have been introduced, with the aging 1.8 liter engine now having been replaced by new Fuel Stratified inoculation (FSI) engines. Almost every fuelon fire model in the variety now incorporates this fuel-saving technology.

Electric equipment:
Audi is preparation and coalition with the Japanese electronics huge Sanyo to expand a pilot cross emotional scheme for the Volkswagen collection. The coalition might consequence in Sanyo battery and additional electronic mechanism being used in prospect models of the Volkswagen Group.

New Audi - The Audi A8

Car companies face the challenge year in and year out to redesign their vehicles and make improvements that consumers are going to appreciate. With the New Audi A8, this car company has risen to the challenge. The new A8 not only has a new body design with lighter materials, but it also has added technology to the interior. As with all models produced by Audi, this car has excellent handling, an eye catching style and provides one of the most luxurious rides out on the road.

The New Audi A8 builds on the previous designs of using aluminum on the body and the frame. This makes the car lighter on the road, and also adds styling to the body. With the new model, this styling is going to be highlighted which is something all Audi fans will appreciate. The A8 will also keep the Quattro all wheel drive system, but for those interested, there will be a front wheel drive model available as well. This front wheel drive system does provide more fuel efficiency which many car owners are looking for these days.

The technology in the interior of the New Audi A8 has kept some of the same offerings from past years, but a few things have been upgraded. The very popular MMI system has had a few additional features put with it. Drivers can now search for points of interest with Google and have point by point directions given directly through the navigation screen. Google Earth is also now integrated into the system to aid drivers with their navigation. As always, a driver's mobile phone can be integrated with the technology system as well.

Along with all of the new style and technological gadgets, the New Audi A8 also has a strong focus on safety. Since Audi has a tradition of building some of the safest vehicles on the road, this aspect of the cars often gets taken for granted. One new feature with the A8 is the heads up display that utilizes pedestrian detection software that will alert the driver if there is anything in the path of the vehicle that might be unseen or tough to pick out. Combined with the Xenon powered headlights, this new safety feature makes the New Audi A8 an excellent choice.

Protect Your Audi From Getting Damaged

It is agreed that all Audis, no mater which model, are a league of their own. They have class like no other car, and demand respect. The question is are you giving your Audi the respect it deserves? Are you doing your utmost to ensure it doesn't get damaged? Have you got a car cover?

You may be asking yourself why on earth you need a car cover, and why you would want to spend even more money on your car. Well, this is why; a car is not safe outdoors. The elements of nature can prove to be very harsh on cars, and completely wreck them. The rain, snow, sun etc, can all be detrimental to the well being of your car, and quite frankly, with an Audi it is not worth the risk.

Having a car cover, will be able to prevent all of this. An all-weather car cover will shield your Audi in any weather condition, so that, come what may, your car will remain clean and shiny. Waterproof covers mean that water is blocked entry. No rain, sleet nor snow will be found on your Audi. You will not have to worry about the acid rain eating away at the paint-work, or about watermarks being left on the exterior.

All-weather covers are made from breathable material so that when your Audi is covered it can breathe without getting steamed up or mouldy. Air and moisture are allowed out through the fabric if the cover, but not in.

As the cover is ultra-violet resistant, it will filter through the sun's powerful rays. As a result, the paint-work of the car will not fade, and become dull coloured. The exterior will be able to keep it's shine and lustre, and vibrant colour. Even the interior of the car will be protected. In extreme heat, the car's internal workings get ruined, and the car gets overly stuffy and too hot to drive. You, the driver, are even at risk of burning your hands on the steering wheel. However none of this will be a concern when your Audi is covered with a car cover.

The cover will also be able to act as a cushioning shield from flying debris. In a wind-storm, all sorts of junk are whipped around and can scratch and dent cars. A car cover will absorb the shock without an impression being left on the car.

Aside from all of this, a car cover will prevent your Audi from getting dusty whilst parked on the streets. It will prevent bird droppings and tree sap from staining the exterior. These stains are near impossible to remove and are a real pain in the neck! You will sure be glad to be free of them too.

Audi A4 at Its Best Bringing You the Fuel Efficiency and Power

If you plan on searching for a car that gives you good fuel efficiency and provides the power you want, then you should check out the new Audi A4. This car provides you with the engine that runs very good without taking the high amounts of fuel. The fuel consumption in the A4 is a very well popular talk between Audi forums today. If you plan on finding out information about this car, you should check out what everyone is talking about on forums. The A4 forums are packed with tons of information that you will need to make your decision to buying the A4. The sports look to the car allows this to be a very nice sports car that provides you with the ultimate horse power. The built in stock turbo provides the Audi A4 with 200 BHP. This is something you want if you want both fuel efficiency and power. The Fuel consumption to the A4 is quite impressive and allows you to go far travels without worrying about gas.

The new age is here with tons of new technology of saving money on gasoline for your car. The high gas prices can have you down when you have a gas consumer. The A4 is one of the highest market sellers for both performances and fuel efficiency. When you search on the Internet you will find lots of new topics on forums being made. The fuel cost to the car brings a lot of people wanting to talk about how amazing the money saving there is. The Audi A4 forum is one of the most popular talks between other knowledgeable drivers familiar with the brand of car. When you decide to find out more about the Audi A4 you should check out some online forums. To find an online forum it's quite easy to find when you use a search engine. The online search for forums shouldn't be hard being that there is plenty to be found on the internet today. To find the best source of information for the A4 is to find a forum all about Audi or cars. The Car forums online can help you find any type of car problems you have online. When you decide to find information out about Cars you should always use internet forums as a review to finding what pros and cons to the car.

Audi A7 Sportback

Audi's new high end luxury car combines the sporty feel that a coupe can offer along with the comfort and space of a large sedan. That's the new 2012 Audi A7 Sportback in a nut shell. Priced at about $60,000 the goal of the A7 is to combine the elegance and comfort of the Audi A6 and Audi A8 and the sport feel Audi has been know for over the past few decades.

In reality, the Audi A7 Sportback is a hatchback and is slightly taller than an Audi A6. The rear hatch features a slightly trimmed the rear overhang with a steep fall at the back of the car. The Audi A7 Sportback offers room for three adult passengers in the back easy.

The short rear overhang leads us to believe that the trunk is not as spacious as the aforementioned Audi A6. The large liftback tailgate provides access to loads of cargo space and allows you to fit larger objects into the car that you could not do with the A6 or A8.

The 2012 Audi A7 Sportback features 20-inch rims which look spectacular. Standard options include bi-xenon headlights, daytime running lights and Audi's signature LED headlights and tail lights. Optionally you can include full HID headlights.

Suspension and steering

The suspension has been designed to maintain an optimal level of comfort. You can choose an optionally 10 mm lowered sports suspension and shock absorbers that are electronically controlled. This system allows for three basic configurations that can be selected manually in order to reduce the height at high speed on freeways or to improve stability and better aerodynamics which adds to the fuel economy.


The Audi A7 Sportback incorporates all the technology that Audi has to offer. This is a must have for any high-end vehicle. The classic computer navigation system features a multimedia MMI hard drive loaded with Google software. There is a touch screen and everything can connect via the data connection from mobile phones via Bluetooth or using a plug-in UMTS card mobile telephony. This system can access any Wi-Fi hotspot which then will let other devices like laptops and iPads connect to the internet.
Engine Choices

The range of engines for the Audi A7 Sportback is composed of a direct-injected V-6 engines. Of course Audi's legendary Quattro all wheel drive system is standard. And in the near future a fire breathing 470 HP twin-turbo engine will be available.

Used Audi - My Audi RS4 Obsession

For a long time it was regarded that to drive a BMW you had to be an idiot. That's why whenever you saw one they were either tailgating you, speeding past you whilst the driver was chatting on their mobile phone or using their discretion and deciding never to indicate during any maneuvers. Yet times they are a' changing as Mr Dylan taught us. Now to be considered a motoring idiot, get used to being behind the wheel of an Audi.

I have to say I think this is harsh. As I've discussed at length before, people who drive slowly are potential murderers and people who are rubbish at driving have no interest in cars and therefore keep Kia in business. Audi drivers may be fast, impatient and posers but they're also far less likely to reverse into a shopping trolley in their pride and joy. I'd consider myself only a partial idiot, but I wholeheartedly want an Audi.

And not just any Audi, oh no, me being me I want the crème de la crème, the stuff I can't really afford. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you: the Audi RS4. Let me start with some statistics before I wax lyrical about why this car is so good. New it cost from £50,000 which is why this article will focus on buying a used Audi RS4, because my wallet has 50 pence in it, oh and because they only made it from 2005 - 2008 so it's ultra rare. It has 4.2 litre V8 engine that develops 414bhp without the need for either a turbo or supercharger. It is quite simply the greatest engine ever made and it'll transport you from 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds and will head-butt the horizon with an electronically limited 155mph. All this in a four door saloon no less. So what's the cost now? Prices start from £29,000 for a 2006 model. Not happy reading for the person who bought it new, not much better reading for me it must be said.

These figures are all very impressive (except for the price one of course), but what I like so much about the RS4 is that anyone with no interest in cars will assume it's nothing more than an Audi saloon, clearly owned by an idiot. They won't notice the twin exhausts, the 19 inch, seven spoke alloy wheels, the flared wheel arches and menacing front grill. This saves you from a host of unwanted attention, the likes of which BMW M3 owners experience with their bonnet bulges, air vents and spoilers.

Despite its power, the RS4 is refined to look at, sit in and drive. The interior is made to the highest order, with quality materials used throughout. Recaro racing seats hold you firmly in place and the steering wheel is flat at the base like a rally car, yet there's no sense of tacky racer here. There's satellite navigation, a Bose sound system, tire pressure monitors, parking sensors, electronic climate control, leather and carbon fibre to name just a few features. In short this car has more gadgets, gizmos and comfort than my house.

It's all well and good sitting in comfort, but the RS4 was built with one thing in mind - to be driven. It has permanent four wheel drive, using Audi's legendary Quattro system so you'll run out of patience trying before the car loses grip. 60% of the power is sent to the rear wheels which provides more power from the end you'd want and lightens the steering. To help the handling further, Audi have mounted the already physically small engine backwards and fitted aluminium front wings. What this means is that despite all the power, all the on board luxury and the big, heavy grin you'll have on your face, the RS4 handles perfectly and eradicates the nose heaviness some previous high-powered Quattro's possessed.

I'd love to say it's perfect and for my needs it would be. Yet in the spirit of being objective let me point out that the Recaro racing seats are so comfortable and roomy that all rear legroom is lost due to the size of the seats. You are therefore paying all that money for a four door saloon that seats two. The word saloon also means the entry point for the boot is narrow and unlike many rivals which are spacious past that point, Audi haven't bothered too much with practicality so even though there'd only be two of you in the car, you won't have much room for luggage or shopping.

Audi A2 and the Way to Find the Right Information You Need

The Audi A2 is one of the highest quality cars that the Audi Company has released today. If you plan on picking the Audi A2 model, rather than the other brand of models of Audi production. You should know that the Audi A2 is one of the top quality family cars that's out on the market today, which brings you closer to the new age technology that gives you excellent gas mileage. The Audi A2 can get you the money you want saved in its space the car provides and the gas mileage. Also you should know that the light weight body provides you with fast, reliably and stability. The safety to the car is perfect for any family and will keep them safe while you drive.

Another thing you should know is to find the information the best way on the Internet for the Audi A2, which will be through online Audi A2 forums. There are over millions of forums out there today on the internet that will provide you first person views of the new Audi A2. This will help you find the best information you need in order to see if you want to purchase the vehicle. The Audi A2 is one car that's going to be expensive. However, you should know it's worth the price that it's going on the market. The German engineering of the car allows you to see how much they put into the car to get the car to saving you money quick. The online forums that you can find for the Audi A2 can really help you to find the year you want and which ones best suits you. If you plan on getting a Audi A2 you should be happy to know there easy to find near you. There are many ways to finding the nearest car lot and that's by searching 411 or even map quest.

The search for the ultimate forum is to be hard since there is over millions of forums that are located on the internet today. The search engines can help you find the forum that best suits you for the information you are finding. The Forums also allow you to ask questions in order for you to find a friend that has one and knows the answer. There are many people that help people today find the solution to their problems quicker by using forums.

Audi A8 - All Car History Volume 3

The Audi A8 is a full-size luxury saloon car that combines Quattro four-wheel drive, the light but sturdy Audi Space Frame ASF aluminium body and adaptive air suspension. On top of this, there are numerous high-torque, powerful engines to choose from. Built by Audi to replace the V8 model as its flagship offering, two generations of the A8 have been produced in both short and long wheelbase form. The long wheelbase Audi A8 "L" combines performance with power, making it the most luxurious sports saloon in its class.

Other executive cars from Audi range includes the Audi A4 and the Audi A6

The A8 has been produced in two generations: from 1994-2003 and 2003-date. The first A8 used Audi's D2 platform, an all-aluminium space frame to reduce weight without losing rigidity. The saloon included the A8L long-wheelbase version, adding five inches rear legroom. In 1997, six interior airbags were added, making it the first vehicle to be so equipped. The second generation was built on the D3 platform, with the main notable change being the unique single frame grille, now the signature style for the entire line of Audi automobiles.

The current generation of A8s is available in a range of powerful diesel and petrol engine options including 2.8 V6, 3.2 V6, 4.2 V8, 3.0 TDI V6 and 4.2 litre TDI V8 with standard or long-wheelbase versions. The diesel versions all include semi-automatic Tiptronic gearboxes whilst Multitronic semi-automatic options are available for petrol engines. The 4.2 litre diesel V8 is the most powerful diesel engine Audi has ever produced in a car. It uses two turbochargers and two intercoolers, with each turbo functioning exclusively for one bank of four cylinders.

Audi A8 Facts

The top of the range Audi A8 SE 4.2 FSI Quattro has a (limited) top speed of 155 mph and accelerates from 0-62 mph in 6.1 seconds, whilst the A8 SE 4.2 TDI Quattro - a diesel - has the same top speed but gets from 0-62 mph in just 5.9 seconds!
Adaptive air suspension is available as an option in the A8. It is the first Audi sports suspension system to be based on the principle of air suspension which allows the driver to change the suspension as individually preferred. Both the damping characteristics and ride height can be adjusted in a single process via the MMI "CAR" menu system.

The New Audi - Offering a Wide Selection

Those cars and SUVs are eye catchers; those four interlocked rings make them stand out even more. They give the viewer an immediate sense of satisfaction. That is an Audi. The Audi Dealers take pride in the same recognition each time they sell a car or SUV on their lot. Those four rings symbolize class and a higher standard that other cars are trying to reach. When stopped at the light or the owner steps out of the Audi, they have grown accustom to the stares. That is apart of the charm that comes along with owning an Audi.

The Audi's quality is unmatched and the Audi Dealers know this. Selling a top of the line vehicle must have it perks. Just being associated with an Audi ups the status just a little more, but specifically for its fine craftsmanship and top of the line engineering. That coupled with the personalized touch given by the dealers, the Audi name is sure to remain a winner at the top of the pile.

The Audi name is known throughout the world. This makes an optimal car or truck to own. To locate Audi Dealers is as simple as doing a search on the Internet. There are cataloged websites just waiting to help the potential customer find the Audi Dealers in your area. Also easy to find, are parts and a technician waiting at each dealership making repairs and maintenance easier to provide to its customers.

For first time Audi buyers, relax knowing that you are about to became apart of an elite club of Audi owners. Your standard with rise or remain high without disappointment. For seasoned Audi owners your style and class that you've come accustomed too is still available if you are considering a second car. Speaking of a second car, don't miss own on acquiring a pre-owned Audi. Audi Dealers are also making pre-owned vehicles. This makes for a wider options for all budget levels.

New Audi A1 Crowned Car of the Year

The new Audi A1 has been causing quite a stir since its debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, and now Audi's smallest model has picked up the coveted What Car? Car of the Year 2011 award. It was a fantastic night for Audi's premium subcompact hatchback, which also took home the Best Supermini gong.

Steve Fowler, Editor-in-Chief of What Car? commented: "The Audi A1 is a brilliant car: brilliantly targeted and brilliantly executed. More and more buyers are looking for smaller, more efficient cars, but with all the luxury trappings of much larger cars. That's exactly what Audi has given them - a super-stylish, high quality small car that's affordable and great fun, too."

The A1, which is described by Audi as a 'big idea condensed', was voted as the Most Exciting Car of 2010 at last year's awards. Jeremy Hicks, Director of Audi said the combination of exceptional build quality, premium finishes, affordable running costs and class-leading value retention are what make the Audi A1 so sought after.

With prices starting from just £13,420 the Audi A1 is more expensive than its supermini rivals, if you think the Citroen C3 starts from £10,790 and the Fiat 500 has a price tag starting from £9,665. But there is no equal currently in the luxury car market, although BMW are planning a front wheel drive supermini that will be the smallest in its range. BMW's Audi A1 rival is set to be produced in 2015.

For now the A1 is hogging the limelight. The UK's national launch of the A1 on November 13th was a star studded event. The Audi A1 Drive Away saw celebrity drivers and guests take an en-masse test drive of the new city friendly A1 from London's Battersea Power Station.

Audi are still Europe's best selling premium brand, with 2010 proving the best year so far for the brand in terms of sales. The exclusive A7 Sportback was released in October and the new Audi TT, which took the top spot in the Coupe category for the fifth year running, has benefited from a number of enhancements for 2011. The What Car? panel were impressed by the TTs handling and improved performance.

Tips For Choosing Used Audi Cars

When looking for used Audi cars there are plenty of models to choose from. Which model you choose will factor towards what you have to look for when buying a worthy second hand model. All of us want the most for our money and want a car that comes with low running and maintenance costs and this has to be considered too. For example you need to check before hand such as how much the car would cost for you to insure it, what the most common faults are and how much replacement parts cost.

For instance Audis come with alloy wheels as standard and of course they can be very expensive, this is particularly so if the rims are large. Therefore look at the size of the wheels on the model you are considering buying, are they in good condition? Is there any damage that means you might have to replace them?

Of course when looking around for used Audi cars there are also safety concerns. As with all models of car there could have been "recalls" in the past which should have been dealt with accordingly. Recalls are concerns that the manufacturer has had.

If you are looking to buy the Audi A2, 3, 4 or 6 models then you should ensure that faults such as the airbag not deploying do not apply. With the A3 with ABS dating between March 2001 and September 2001 you would need to check the anti lock brake unit. If the models you are looking at include the A2, 3 or 4 which have a 2 valve injector then there was concern over the fuel pump cover bolts on models between March 2004 and August 2004. With the Audi TT there were problems with a loss of directional control on cars between September 1998 and December 1999.

These are just some of the many problems that could occur and which should have been dealt with, which you need to ensure do not apply to the car you are considering buying. These are just the manufacturer's recalls and there can be other problems that can occur with a used car and which need to be checked.

All used cars whether you are buying the car from a dealer or privately should come with a complete service history. This will give information on what if any problems the car has had in the past and the work that has been done to it. You can always take the option of having a data check made on any car you are considering and this can tell you many things about the past of the car.

You should take the car through its paces along with inspecting the bodywork and interior. Driving in different circumstances such as cruising on the motorway and navigating town centres can tell you how the car handles. Always learn as much about the model you are considering as you possibly can, the internet holds a vast amount of resources which can tell you a lot about the car and any possible faults. Searching a forum based specifically for owners of Audis is also a great way of gaining an insight into common faults and problems.

If you are at all in doubt when looking at used Audi cars take a specialist along with you. It can be worth paying a mechanic to look over the car before buying as it can save you having to pay out an enormous amount of cash for repairs.

Things You Did Not Know About Some of the Audi Car Models

As we speak the name Audi, it sounds very familiar even in the dreams, but there are many small little things that you might not really know about some of the Audi car models, such as the Avant and A6, and their evolution. So, let us take a retro look at some of these Audi car models.

In Europe, the Avant was launched in 1998 whereas the C5 Saloon was launched in the year 1997. In 2002, some changes were made to the body as well as engine of A6. A newly created engine with a power up to 129 bhp in 2.0 L replaced the previous engine model of 1.8 L. This advancement also included a six speed manual gear box with a torque up to 310 N-M.

In most of the front wheel drive models, a new technology of Multitronic Continuously Variable Transmission was available. Front Wheel Drive System, the trademark of Audi, was included in most of the car models except 1.9 TDI and 2.0 petrol engine. During the beginning of C6 model in 2004, C5 was replaced. After a few years, a newly designed car named Audi RS6 was introduced with a total weight of 1,840 Kgs with a tremendous power of 444 bhp and torque up to 560 N-M. It had a capacity of raising its speed from 0-100 km/hour in just 4.6 seconds and 200 km/hour in just 17 seconds.

During 2005, the C6 was introduced by the company, which was designed by Walter De'Silva with some of the latest features including Multi Media Interface controls, Electronic Parking Brake and Tiptronic Gear Shift Lever. In the year 2005, the A6 model got the World Car of The Year award followed by Ten Best List of Car and Driver magazine in both the year 2000 and 2001 because of its sporty looks and great performance on the road. And this is precisely why Audi has been extremely famous as an auto-maker.

Knowing About a Used Audi TT and How to Find One

If you want to impress your girlfriend, associates or neighbors then you could act worse than buy a used Audi TT. It takes a relatively short period of time to just being seen on the roads and highways of United Kingdom. Therefore, the Audi TT has sold for thousands units and down the countryside since it has created a great impression on the purchasing public.

By buying a Used AudiTT for affordable prices you can get benefit from the popularity of these cars. Used Audi TT offers its one of a kind and amazingly eye-catching bodywork design. It is one of the most pleasing factors for the people in owning this car.

The V6 engine with a 3.2 liter provides a used Audi TT the power to beat up the runway at traffic lights. It also performs with dignity and elegance on highway stretches. You are able to accelerate the power of this car to 247 bhp, which for a street car is intending to slap a smile with stupid expression on your face on heading down the slip road or on the country roads.

Actually, it is necessary to shop around in order to look for the best price for a used Audi TT. As you may discover an almost new deal that has the power and performance that you wish for a part of the common Audi price tag.

If you are looking to buy a used Audi TT, the internet is the right place to start your search. In the internet, you are going to find so many information about the model that provide you a lot of ideas when purchasing a used car.

There is also specialist motoring website that can give you an offer of used Audis that are available for purchase. Here you are able to get a great idea to compare the specific model that you choose.

When you use the search engine on a motoring websites you will find out how much the money you are going to spend to buy the model that you want. Be free to decide which sellers you are going to choose, privately or the dealerships, to get a better idea of what you can get for your cash. Overall, wherever you will buy your used Audi TT whether in your local dealer or on the internet, you should get a car that meets your budget and your need.

Used Audi A3 - Search & Buying Guide

Buying a used car can have potential pitfalls - but it needn't be a painful experience if you follow a simple set of rules and checks. My article provide you a used car buying guide, which aims to provide all the advice and information to make the right choices when buying a used Audi A3 car.

Check the information below to arm yourself with all the information you need to make the successful purchase of your dream car.

What type of car is Audi A3?

The Audi A3 is a small hatchback, which has been produced since 1996, in two distinct generations. It has proved a huge success for Audi due to its combination of sporty practicality and eye-catching style. Also, thanks to a huge range of engines and transmissions, there's an A3 for everyone, whether the priority is economy or performance. Never the cheapest car in its class, the A3 has been consistently praised for its strong build quality, fine handling and the availability of four-wheel drive on some editions. That's something which is virtually unheard of in the sector, but it also reinforces the Audi A3's excellent safety credentials.

Audi A3 interior Vs Exterior

A3 looks more than the sum of its hatchback parts, with a distinctly coupe like styling to the rear windows. But it is done in a very grown-up way. Longer, lower and wider that its predecessor and boasting its own rear-light cluster and discreet spoiler point to performance, but as with the rest of the car there is an understated elegance at work.

A darkened interior roof makes the car appear less roomy than it is. But rear-seat passengers were happy to confirm there is plenty of space in the car. Everything has a quality, slightly minimalist look, with controls which are both easy to find and simple to use


A3 buyers have a choice of nine engines, covering both diesel and petrol, ranging from the 1.6-litre FSI turbo model to the 3.2-litre V6 which powers the Quattro model. The 140bhp 2-litre TDI S tronic A3 Sportback achieves 0-62mph in 9.2 seconds and has a top speed of 129mph.

The New Audi - Internationally Renowned Vehicles

Beginning in Germany, the Audi name has been around for over 100 years but since 1970 Audi Dealers in the USA have been making a name for themselves as well. Quality customer service coupled with a quality vehicle makes for a explosive combination. Imagine driving off the lot in style knowing that you can return for maintenance and parts at the same location. The wait time is almost cut in half allowing your Audi more on the road time. This makes for a satisfied customer.

If you live in the United Kingdom consider yourself fortunate for the choices of Audi cars available. The Audi Dealers in the UK will also have the A8 Hybrid soon. This car can go a full mile on one charge. If that isn't long enough, the lithium-ion battery is recharged while applying pressure to the brakes. It also converts between automatic and clutch. Even though Americans are green conscious, they won't have the opportunity to experience the A8, as a hybrid in the United States is not a financial champion. However, the American customer that is environmentally conscious won't feel slighted either with Audi's guarantee of clean diesel fuel.

Just like any other dealer, Audi Dealers are in the business to make money. But what makes Audi different is they know the only way to do that is to make the customer's choice of car available. That is why you may find new and pre-owned vehicles on the lot. This creates a wider customer base for the dealer. Although the Audi customer is amongst the elite, all may not have an elite budget. Now with a pre-owned option, these customers get to stay in the elite ranks comfortably.

Audi - Your Dream Car

We usually come across many automobile devotees in our daily life. Automobile is another subject of passion for many of us, whereas it is a hobby for many to collect classic and new vehicles. Audi is yet another automobile manufacturing company rated as best. Audi is a German brand that manufactures a range of automobiles with different shapes, characteristics and distinguishing features. They produce a variety of vehicles from mini SUVs.

Not many know of the fact that Audi is a subsidiary brand under Volkwagen Group. The company's headquarters is in Ingolstadt, Germany; whereas, it serves worldwide with manufacturing plants located in India, China, Belgium, Hungary and Brazil.

The history of Audi is older than the history of Bentley that we often get to hear. The first Audi type B was produced in 1910. Audi presents with immense history of production and unions with many manufacturing companies over the years in the past century. However, today the largest share holder of Audi AG is Volkwagen AG with 99 percent of shares in its possession.

Today Audi produces 11 different products with a variety of range within them. From Cars to sports cars and SUVs, Audi aims to satisfy the maximum buff population. Other than just manufacturing marvelous machines Audi also contributes in the entertainment industry to amuse its customers with something extra and more than just what they possess. Audi Company launched its Audi TV Channel in 2005. It's a digital satellite television that is receivable through satellite antennas in UK and Ireland, and is viewable for worldwide viewers in the internet. The Audi TV channel includes Information on different Audi Cars, user guides, testimonials and interviews from different celebrities, historic features, in depth product profile, new launches and sporting events coverage. This doesn't end here; Audi has also designed special Audi apps for its enthusiastic customers and devotees who use iPhones, iPads and/or Android Smartphone.

Audi believes in complete user satisfaction and premium delivery. The Audi AG Company has its own magazine in digital and printed form. The magazine is published with exciting contents on sports, lifestyles and automobile.

It is amazing how an automobile company penetrates itself in its potential market through different modes. The amazing vehicles themselves speak while on roads that they are the best, but the companies profile including a magazine, a TV channel and apps proves it to be customer specific too. No wonder how few companies are in love with their customers because they just love presenting their devotees with different items and props about the same things they always want around them.

Audi Range Reviewed

The A8 is one of Audi's full size luxury vehicles; this highly successful model first hit the showrooms 14 years ago, back in 1994. Since then it has proved to be one of the German manufacturers most popular, high end models.

It was originally created with the intention of replacing the V8. One of the cars most outstanding features is its all wheel drive system. Audi have continued to systematically improve the A8, including a major re-vamp with the 2004 'Second Generation' A8 model. It is currently available as either a four-door saloon or the ultra-classy Coupe model.

The Audi S8 bares more than a passing resemblance to another German manufactured luxury vehicle, the Mercedes Benz top of the range AMG model.

The S8 was launched just over six years ago, like its sister A8, it also benefitted from a major re-vamp with its Second Generation version unveiled in 2006. The S8s Second Generation now features a VW D3 platform, a highly effective 4-wheel drive setup and a very efficient six-speed gearbox. The S8 has proved it's self to be very popular with the jaded motoring critics, but also with the 'real' drivers who actually pay for their cars, through Audi car leasing.

Audi has always had a strong racing tradition, with its numerous classic rally wins. There current sports models are the R8, R10 and of course the Sport Quattro. The R10 is Audi's sleekest race car model. It made its much anticipated debut near the end of 2005 and went on to win a multitude of races including the Sebring 12 Hour race and the ultimate racing prize, the Le Mans 24 Hour, the extreme test of car and driver endurance.

The vehicle is a certified flying machine, which incorporates the TDI turbo diesel engine. The R10 has a whole host of specially developed technology to make the vehicle sure, that it can out-perform anything on the track, or the road.

Audi - Appreciated for High Quality and Pioneering Luxury Cars

Audi is well appreciated as manufacture of high quality and pioneering luxury cars. It is one of the world's popular premium brands and most admired in the world of automobile. The extravagance car manufacturer, Audi, was established in 1910, with its head office in Ingolstadt, Germany. This company gets its name from founder August Horch, meaning listen - which, when translated into Latin, it becomes Audi.

The prime aim of this manufacturing company is using advanced technology and design. At present, Audi is represented around 110 countries worldwide and in Indian market; it is selling its product from 2004.

The domination of the company in India starts in March 2007 when it set up its own sales company for India. By set up Audi India as a Division of Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, Audi is making a clear long-term declaration in the nation with motivated growths plans. The main aim of Audi is to become India's leading automobile luxury brand within next few years. The Audi India policy includes important investments in branding, marketing, special dealerships and after sales service for the forthcoming years.

At present, Audi is assembling the Audi A6 and the Audi A4 for the Indian market in the city of Aurangabad. Audi cars are demonstrating to fire the fancy of the rich consumers and the upper middle with the present range of Audi A4, A6, A8, and Q7 sedan cars.

Audi India dreams to reach their first marketing targets by 2011, and continues to enlarge the network of Audi dealerships across Indian metros.

Things to Consider Upon Purchase of an Audi A4 Avant

There is no denying the fact that for more than a decade, the Audi A4 Avant has been one of the most sought-after and popular executive cars in history. Produced by the German car manufacturer Audi, the luxury car features exceptional build quality, good image, class-leading cabin, and high performance engines, amongst others.

If you are planning to purchase an Audi A4 Avant, there are a number of things that you should consider. Considering a car's exterior and interior are both significant if you want to ensure that it will perfectly suit your desires and needs. With regard to the Avant's exterior, it uses oversized grille that Volkswagen is popular with, as well as striking daytime lights, and Audi's trademark nose. Concerning its interior, the Avant's cabin is undeniably the one of the finest, on account of Audi's continuous production of quality interiors.

The Audi A4 Avant's interior is made of superior excellent quality materials and highly comfy seats, and its cabin is a very wonderful place where you can spend your time relaxing. Moreover, Audi's trademark multimedia interface (MMI) is exhibited in Avant, and it manages the car's primary functions, which include climate control, satellite navigation, and stereo. The space in the car's rear seat is comfortable and sufficient, and it is highly adaptable. Lastly, Avant's steering wheel is multi-adjustable, for it can adapt to match one's reach and height.

Aside from Avant's outstanding exterior and interior, it also offers style and practicality. There is an adequate loading space of 490 liters in the car when the seats are in place, whilst it can accommodate up to 1,430 liters if the seats are folded. However, the luxury car's rear seats cannot be folded flat, unlike other Audi cars.

Generally, Audi does not specialize with manufacturing driver's cars; however, with the A4 Avant, Audi has definitely taken its reputation at a new level. The car's handling is significantly better compared to Audi's earlier models, though the feel is not as pleasant as driving BMW cars. On the other hand, when it comes to the car's performance, one will never complain. It can manage a speed of 125-145 mph or a speed of 0-62 mph in less than 9 seconds.

Prior to purchasing an Audi A4 Avant, it is important that you analyze its aforementioned features, as well as its running costs, reliability, safety, and other necessary equipment. Despite the car's incredibly high price tag, it is still worth buying, primarily because of its attractive design, strong built, and comfortable handling.

Audi A5 - The Best Combination of Style and Dynamism


Audi is a German based company. It is one of the leading car manufacturers that has been constantly ruling the way through its continuous innovations and techniques. It is also very famous in terms of setting new standards from time to time. It has its production units in five big countries such as China, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Germany itself. The Audi car manufacturer is also popular for making very sophisticated, unique and dynamic cars in the world.

This German based car company invents new Audi car models very frequently. There are many Audi cars' models like Audi A3, Audi A4, etc. The different models have different features and uniqueness and they are pertaining to different years.

Audi A5

Our topic to be dealt with is the Audi model. The A5 is also one of the famous and leading models in the car industry. This is one of the most celebrated and preferred Audi Model. This model of Audi that is Audi A5 has been introduced in the 77th annual Geneva Motor show in June, the year 2007. The company also offered to take some booking for the first hand customers after the motor show. This model is one of the most luxurious models nowadays.

The head of Volkswagen group himself commented that ''Audi is the most beautiful car I have ever designed''. This model successfully combines all the characteristic features of the Audi model and fulfills the promises made by the company. It also has accomplished the acclaimed Audi design language along with the driving performance. It has been made successfully by showing the brand quality and sophistication. This slicker and quicker new model have covered beauty, elegance, sophistication and sporty features for the next generation people.

The slicker and quicker model have the muscular FSI and TDI engine that is completely a new precision gear. It is called slicker and quicker new Audi A5 car because its appearance has been highlighted by the luxury coupe's styling. The Audi A5 has combined the features that contribute to best dynamism and style. The Luxury Audi A5 also gets automatic air-condition at three different temperature zones. It has the parking system enabled with a rear view camera. The car also has the tilting roof for open space driving feel.

A Guide to Audi Car Care and Maintenance

With all the modern processes available, you can easily provide the appropriate care and maintenance for your Audi vehicle without any effort. These days, cars can be dipped in anti-corrosion compounds, undergo priming, painting, and clear-coating, amongst others, in order for its external quality to last for a significant number of years with only a minimum level of care and maintenance on the owner's part. However, if you can spare a little of your time and effort and plan to save for your Audi's maintenance, you simply have to use the right products and apply the good techniques that could keep your car's quality the same way it was when you first had it.

As unbelievable as it may seem, the primary method in maintaining your car only involves good washing and drying. These techniques are without a doubt simple; however, most car owners find it a compelling task to wash their car when it does not seem like it needs one. First of all, you must only use detergent that is specifically designed for washing a vehicle. If ever you would use a dishwashing detergent, it is only when you are about to remove the wax from your car's surface.

One of the widely used car detergents is the Pinnacle Body Work Shampoo, and it has been proven to show benefits in an immediate manner. It contains Carnauba oil, which is effective in greasing the surface of the leather as you wash it using a natural sponge. It is advisable that you use natural sponges in cleaning your car's interior since it has a number of fine filaments that absorb the dirt from your car's coat.

With regard to washing your Audi's exterior, you may begin washing its tires, which is followed by the entire car's exterior. As soon as the whole washing process is finished, it is time for you to dry your car. You may use a synthetic chamois or a micro fiber towel in drying your Audi, for these types of materials are specifically designed for this purpose. You may start drying at the top and continue downward, though you have to ensure that you merely wipe in a back and forth manner in order to avoid any unnecessary marks on your car's exterior when it dries.

If you will make time for car care and maintenance, you will definitely save a lot of money that you could have spent upon having others do the care for you. As tedious and unnecessary as you think it may seem, taking care of your own car through proper washing and drying will go a long with in terms of your Audi's performance.

Audi Car Parts - Are You Paying More Than You Should?

In this article we will discuss all of the options available to you in terms for Audi Car parts. Owning a luxury vehicle like an Audi or some other as you most certainly do or perhaps are considering has so many rewards that they are not really worth going into here. We know why we love to drive these cars and nothing will stop us from continuing to do so.

Let's say for instance the rear suspension needs to be replaced. The dealer will quote you a price based on their mark up. Let's say that the quoted price is $1495.00. Many times one would simply bite the bullet and pull out the credit card to get start.

Thank goodness for the Internet. There are distributors all around the globe now that allow you to search through their entire inventories online and purchase products from them at the same exact price that the dealers do. So what does that mean? That means that the 300% mark up is not wiped clean. The same rear suspension will cost you about $400 bucks. Of course you still have to spend on the labor, but what a huge savings.

It's not difficult to find the parts for your vehicle online. For your Audi, you would simply type in "Audi car parts" and see what results come back. Spend a few minutes in a few sites looking for the best prices and then just make your purchase.

We hope that this article will not only save you a lot of money, but also help you to start making more informed decisions about all of the products and services that you but, not just when dealing with your Audi and looking for Audi car parts.

Audi Cars - The Tuner and Performance Fan's Favourite

Among the many high performance car brands Audi has been a favourite amongst many enthusiasts for the past few years, popular models such as the A3 and the TT Roadster have been subject to all manner of interesting and powerful upgrades to increase the power of the car and quench the thirst for speed.

Newer models recently on the market like the RS6 and the R8 (recently featuring in the hit movie Ironman) have re-ignited the interest of petrol heads everywhere. The best part of performance tuning Audi cars is that you are able to tune up almost any car from the current range whether it's the family saloon A4 or the already beefy hot hatches like the RS range.

Performance tuning Audi best suits models like Quattros, Turbo diesels and supercharged models, once you've decided what car you are going to modify you're spoilt for choice when it comes to what parts to replace or alter.

Whether you are looking to improve the handling with a new Limited Slip-Diff or you are craving an extra few horses under the bonnet you could perform an upgrade with a number of Audi Tuning Parts such as new ECU or forced induction from Turbo systems.

But car tuning isn't all about power and performance, whilst it's still a very important part of it, the visual appearance of your car needs to match the cool things that it can do on the road or a race track. Aside from custom paint jobs and graphics applied to the side and bonnets of your car many Audi Tuning companies will lower your car's suspension to create a sleeker appearance - just make sure you take it easy going over speed bumps!

Other modifications you can make include weight reduction; there are a number of ways to make your Audi lighter and a lot of it involves utilising carbon fibre: the versatile compound that can be made into anything from wing mirrors to custom bonnets. Carbon fibre door inserts can help bring the weight of your car's doors down to racing specification if you were to go as far to remove most of your interior upholstery.

Obviously that's the high end of the scale, not all of us want to sacrifice the luxury for speed but that's the beauty of Audi tuning you can choose to upgrade one or a few elements and you'll potentially increase your car's power or fuel economy, sometime even both! There are many resources on the internet and also dedicated performance stores who can advise you further on how to improve your Audi no matter how much you are wishing to spend.

How to Negotiate the Best of Audi Car Leasing

In the recent past, Audi Car Leasing has become so widely prominent that many have wondered, why? Obviously, Audi is one of the few manufacturers whose wide-range of models and offers are all available for leasing. With such diverse options of a quality brand, negotiating the best choice of lease can become quite tricky. Here are proven secrets for negotiating the best of Audi leasing.

Buying or leasing: Most people know that there is a great difference between buying and leasing. Of course, in buying, you have to make all the payment at once. In leasing, you will be paying a small amount monthly while you are enjoying all the benefits of a car. In addition, what makes an Audi lease unique however, is not just the proven quality of the machines. It is also the multiple range of model choices on the lease market.

Why many choose to lease Audi: The German car makers of Audi are well known for producing one of the best car brands in the world. Each and every Audi model is fully equipped with the latest in car technology, constantly enhanced with the toughest safety features.

In terms of luxury, Audi has brought style and excellence to the motor industry. Little wonder, it has become a preferred brand for many buyers, as well as for constant travellers in need of lease. In relation to comfort, they are considered ahead of the competition.

Model options and the best deal: Audi has an in-house finance company. Your car dealer can go through this internal arrangement, as it affords the best deal. The lease options cover all their cars; the crossovers, wagons, the SUV's. The car options currently on offer are TTS, TT, Q5, Q7, A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, S8, S5, S6, S4, and RS4. All these brands can be leased for the more popular terms of 42 and 36 months, or for 24 months.

Pricing: There is a major secret for negotiating an Audi lease. You can negotiate the car's price separately from the monthly lease payment. If you approach it this way, you will be on your way to an incredible deal. Watch out for the other usual fees. One of them is the turn-in fee. This fee has to do with whether you intend to buy-out the car at the end of the lease, or lease another. This would be in the lease contract.

Other fees: Another part of the pricing or fees you need to prepare for is the dealers fees. This fee is open for negotiation. This is a major area to look out for, if you are expecting to make do with some discounts. Use this area to lower your overall price. An area of the fees you may not expect negotiation is the Banks acquisition fees. This is not usually waived.

In a world of ever-growing taste for choice and diversity, Audi has positioned itself as a market leader. With such exceptional lease offerings, well-informed customers would have been well-armed to negotiate the best of Audi Car Leasing.

Audi Car Lease

Leasing is just about the new "trend" of the car market and Audi does it much better than most of the others. By leasing an automobile you sign an agreement using the dealership in which you will be "renting" the car for any previously established time period. There's a payment established at the beginning that represents not the vehicle price (that makes it a lot better than an auto loan), but the car depreciation on the established period of time that you utilize it. Think about this: you lease a car for 3 years and instead of paying $30,000 which represents the car's total value, you have to pay $8000 (split into Three years equal pay) which represents the car's depreciation.

Now that you understood the process let's go out to leasing companies for Audi, located at and let's "test" some Audi models for a couple of.....years.

The 2011 Audi car leasing deals are the best offered yet, turning the shoppers for Audi A3 and A4 models into passionate drivers.

The Audi A3 model is available in 3 different trims. The little and powerful Audi A3 is now improved, having a less polluting engine and technologically controlled fuel consumption. This Audi A3 with 1,6 liter engine can be yours, Technik pack included for only £204 monthly. Another trend may be the Audi A3 Cabriolet. Bringing luxury to the next level, the Cabriolet includes increased safety, space and innovation, which makes it the best choice in it's class. Also it can come for £224 monthly. And lastly the Sportback, packing an 1.6 liter TDI engine, delivers huge power and keeps the ride smooth and comfy in the same time. It's the perfect combination of luxury and technology, at the amazing cost of £227.

The A4 comes with even more trims. Beginning with the AudiA4 2.0 TDI SE. This version includes improved engine consumption along with a "greener" degree of emissions, that protects your health and your pocket in the same time. The price: with a rating of £288 monthly. Next, may be the Audi A4 2.0 TDI S Line. Directed specifically for fuel efficiency, this line has implemented the most recent generation engines, designed for the only reason to obtain good power at a lower price and less fuel. It features a price tag of £311 a month.

A4 2.0 TDI Technik may be the car for you personally if you're looking for even more luxury. Packed with DVD satellite nav, Music Interface from Audi, and Milan Leather, this is actually the car that you will feel most comfortable with. Simply £338 is needed. If you're looking for an exciting purpose car than the A4 Avant 2.0 TDI may be the perfect car for you. By having not just technologically advanced engines but also a wide storage capacity, it's an ideal car for the daily, weekly and weekend requirements. You won't pay more than £301 a month.

Not just you get an incredible lease offer for every car, but Audi offers support aiding you in just about any car related need. Dedicated point of contacting, effectuating service on site, MOT servicing, collection and delivery, steps for success turnaround, pre-service alert even through waiting services are a small part of the services offered by Audi, making it well suited for any customer interested in leasing a car from them. Who wouldn't wish to drive around inside a luxury car like this and leave to them the "heavy lifting" maintenance stuff of the car, just to be able to have it as new when getting it back from the showroom.

Audi Cars - Used, Abused & Still Worth Every Penny

When you think used cars... do you think Audi? You should!

Trawling through newspapers and the internet can be so frustrating - it's one of the disadvantages to buying second-hand. Instead of visiting one show room and browsing the shiny brand new cars on offer, you find yourself on hours of test-drives in various makes and models, with endless discussions with owners - not to mention notoriously dodgy used car dealers! Do you ever get the impression that all they care about is our money?!

I found my dream car when I discovered a used Audi. I've since discovered that Audi cars are much sought after in the used car market. Why? Well, there are many reasons. First is the way they expertly handle the road in all sorts of weather conditions. Then there's the comfortable, high quality interior. If you test drive a used Audi you will understand what I mean.

Time tested Audis are some of the very best cars on the road. One of the best parts of owning an audi is that they hold their value as well as any other car in their class.

Used Audi cars aren't bad to look at either. You find yourself in awe of their sleek shape before you even get behind the wheel - then you discover the pleasant driving space that surrounds you. Finally, you take it out on the road and that's when you can feel the power under the bonnet as the engine glides noiselessly through the gears. You can feel the responsiveness and how they hold the road as if travelling on rails. That's not to mention the practicality of used Audis - they're ideal for long distance driving as well as for everyday use for you and your family.

Not only does an used Audi car look and feel amazing, but you can also rest assured that you're driving a thoroughly reliable car with great money saving features. The fuel consumption of an Audi is considerably less than other makes, and some models within the Audi range are even quite low on tax - meaning the potential for saving a bit of cash is quite good! You can also do your bit to stay 'green' as Audis have a lower carbon emission output than other makes.

On the whole this car is one of the best purchases I have ever made. My advice to anyone looking to buy a used car is that they should opt for an Audi. They are so well built, you will be very unlikely to end up with a problem when buying a used Audi car second-hand. Instead you can invest your energy in making sure you pick the perfect model!

Best Audi Car Models to Buy

A brand that seems incapable of making mistakes, Audi appears to be a smart kid on the block. If you are an Audi cars fanatic and cannot wait to drive away your favorite model home, get ready because 2011 is the year to excite your dream car. If buying a new car is your agenda this year, Audi can be the car to choose. The Australian automotive market is all set to hit the top gear with the great range of dynamic looking Audi cars for sale in the year 2011. Audi maintains its repute of manufacturing some of the world's most luxurious cars, with brilliant finish in their design. Read on to know what Australian market has to offer their customers this year.

Audi A4

Popular as "a sedan that makes an eternal impression", the four-door wonder Audi A4 flaunts spacious interiors that go together by its stylish exteriors. A car that promises to deliver commendable top speed, along with advanced driving comfort, Audi A4 is a perfect car for those who look for grandeur in their automotives. Beneath the cover of the petrol model of Audi A4 sedan lies a 3.2 FSI tip-tronic Quattro engine that pumps out a power of 265 PS @ 6500 rpm and a torque of 330 Nm @ 3000 rpm whereas the 2.0 TDI multi-tronic diesel engine of the sedan makes the maximum power of 140 PS @ 4000 rpm and a peak torque of 320 Nm @ 1750 rpm. A sedan that provides higher road handling and driving comfort, the Audi A4 is the combination of class and comfort.

Audi A1

The concept of a 5-door four seater has made the A1 an exciting car that exhibits all the characteristics of a genuine Audi. The three engines, an 85bhp 1.2 petrol turbo, 104bhp turbo-diesel and a 120bhp 1.4 petrol turbo makes the new Audi A1 a classy coupe that is mixed with hostile styling, advanced four-wheel drive traction and beauty.

Audi R8 Spyder

The 2011 Audi R8 Spyder has allowed Audi to raise its company profile. The V10 engine produces 386 kW (525 hp) and commences the open-top two-seater to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 4.1 seconds on its way to a full speed of 313 km/h (194.49 mph). Attributing technologies such as the Audi Space Frame full-LED headlights, quattro permanent all-wheel drive and a modern seatbelt microphone, the R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI quattro is the new high class Audi. A car that is designed to make a powerful statement, Audi R8 Spyder is for those who desire driving thrills!